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For over 14 years, we have been traveling together on the road to a digital world, full of opportunities for both our team and partners.

The variety of services provided by msg Romania demonstrates both our expertise in the field and our interest in offering customized solutions to best meet our customers’ needs. The development of digital products, the modernization of infrastructures and systems, software quality auditing, the creation of process automation systems, as well as the technical and business consulting services offered are just some of the skills we are proud of.


We use a mix of technologies, methodologies and tools that can be easily adapted to the diverse requirements and needs of our clients. Thus, we are fully equipped to develop solutions for business, web and mobile applications, but also to facilitate or optimize certain processes, such as migrating data to the Cloud or automating code quality tests. Our team develops, maintains and continuously improves these platforms using Front-end, Back-end, Cloud and other technologies.

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Autonomous Driving



They are the ones who constantly bring opportunities to help develop our portfolio, they stimulate our passion for new technologies and support us in finding solutions for the future.

Volkswagen Group

Daimler AG

BMW Group

Audi AG

Zürich Reinsurance

Allianz AG

Munich RE


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