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Experience in providing business IT solutions, and digital innovation

We innovate through authenticity, experience and ambitious plans.

Our story

Founded in 2008, in Cluj-Napoca, msg Romania is part of the German company msg Group, a leader in digital services, with over 9,000 specialists and no less than 40 years of activity and specialization in IT solutions at a global level.

We firmly believe that people are the ones who bring ideas to life, that’s why msg Romania's team is key to our success.

As people who are passionate about technology and eager to innovate, our colleagues contribute to the development of the best business IT solutions.

We want to build a better future for our team members. That is why we support the personal and professional development of our experts, so they may create their own path according to their own needs and achieve all their goals.

Our international client portfolio brings together industries as diverse as Automotive, Insurance/Reinsurance, Financial-Banking and Logistics. Among the clients who share our vision and trust us to provide them with the best business solutions are:

  • Volkswagen Group
  • Daimler
  • Audi AG
  • BMW Group
  • Allianz
  • Zürich Reinsurance
  • Deutsche Bahn
  • Munich Re

Mission and vision

We are digital pioneers in a world of information and aim to stay that way with every new idea we bring to our partners. We offer IT solutions that help explore new opportunities for the development of the industries in which we operate. Furthermore, we bring value to the digital world by focusing on the real needs of people, whether we are talking about our team, colleagues or consumers.

.msg Clients

Regardless of the industry or the IT solutions we offer, at the heart of every msg strategy are the needs of our customers.
Our clients are important market and industry leaders - including 19 of the 30 DAX* companies. All of them appreciate our intelligent digital business solutions, strategic consulting and our approach based on partnership, trust, responsibility and openness.
*The DAX 30 index is the stock market index of the German capital market, which is made up of the 30 largest companies (blue chips) traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Our Team
Social responsability

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Günter Küpper

Günter Küpper

Managing Director

Horea Raţiu

Horea Rațiu

Managing Director

Katalin Karadi

Katalin Karádi

Executive Vice President

Radu Jinga

Radu Jinga

Executive Vice President

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In its 40 years of activity, msg Group has become a pole of technical and business skills, having the necessary resources to compete with the biggest players on the IT solutions market in Europe and beyond.

The expertise gained within the group extends across numerous industries. msg specialists have the ideal experience and technical training to create intelligent solutions that not only address customer needs, but also provide added value. The success of our clients, their competitiveness on the market and the profitability of the business they represent is also the success of msg Group.

Companies in the fields of insurance, financial services, automotive and other industrial branches, as well as representatives of the public sector benefit from the complex consulting, software development and IT implementation services offered by the German group of companies.

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