If you always dreamed of becoming a first-class software developer one day, you might as well think about an Advanced Business Application Programmer career. Not any ABAP developer, but one focused on major SAP Reinsurance Management AddOns.

This is an interesting market, especially in a post-COVID world, as the need for ABAP FS-RI Developers is intensifying. Our team is now looking forward to bringing in new young talents with a fresh mindset and a high energy, who consistently attend to their own professional growth.
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“Value - inspired by people”. It has always been our strong conviction that people create progress and move the company forward. By joining us, you will become part of a team constantly supported in its growth journey and a company that truly understands the need for creativity, knowledge, diversity and freedom of expression.

Send your CV at msg.cariere@msg.group and let's get you onboard!

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